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Girl Groups who will make a comeback or debut in April

  • Name : young
  • Date : 2015-05-08 11:59:05


Girl group Mamamoo announced that they will release a special album “AHH OOP” with a title “4+1.” Mamamoo members dress in colorful retro fashion styles. Their agency said “It has been 5 months since the group Mamamoo left the stage. They have spent this time improving their singing and dancing skills for this comeback. You will be amazed by their performances.”




On April 15, the girl group “Dal Shabet” will make a comeback with their mini album “B.B.B.” The album “B.B.B.” was produced by Nibus. Dal Shabet’s agency added,  “We just finished the shooting for album jacket, and are almost done working on Dal Sabet’s new album.” It has been 5 years since Dal Shabet debuted.



B1A4’s sister idol group OMG(Oh My Girl) will make their debut in the month of April. “OMG” consists of 7 members;  SeungHee, Yua, Jiho, Bini, Mimi, and Arin. They released video teaser of members pretending to be dolls. OMG’s agency said, “We just released name of the new girl group Oh My Girl on our official website. We hope the name “Oh My Girl” gives an image of girl friends to our fans.”




The Hip-hop girl group “The Ark” is ready to debut in April. “The Ark” consists of 5 members including Jun Min Ju and Yu Na Kim, the famous participants from the program “K-Pop Star” and “Superstar K.” The name “The Ark” is meant to express lively, robust, but delicate feelings, and the name should become a new icon of the music industry.  Agency staff added, “I will call “The Ark,” a multi-color group.The members have their own personalities and skills. The group contains a unique blends of their abilities.”



T-ara’s Eunjung will make her solo debut in this April. The new title song “Being alone became comfortable” is different music style compared to the group “T-ara.” This song is about ennui in a relationship. Eunjung will show a new style of performance on the comeback stage.



The girl group “EXID” is also ready to make a comeback in the middle of April. EXID’s agency said “The group ‘EXID’ will make a comeback in April. but, we will keep the concepts of their comeback album to secret until the comeback. Also, we cannot give you the specific date for their comeback yet.”


In addition, Miss A, Crayon Pop, Lovelyz, CLC, and Girls Day’s Minah made comeback in March, they will be active thorughout the following month. This means some competition in this April.


Photo by TV Report’s Emily You ( contributed to this report from Seoul. 




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