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2NE1 (sans Minzy) to release farewell song

​Photo: YG Entertainment 

​As many people in the KPOP world, both casual and hardcore listeners, know, girl group​ 2NE1​ officially disbanded at the tail-end of 2016, leaving many devastated in the aftermath. 


During the summer of 2016, ​Minzy​ left both the group and agency ​YG Entertainment​ and fans suspected that the end was near, though unofficially. Now, before the members leave to go on different paths, they will release one final song as a present for fans. The group, sans Minzy, have already recorded the song and filmed the MV in secret overseas. Not much else is known regarding the promotion plans for the song.


It's a bittersweet moment for sure!


​written by Korea.com's Emily 


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