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Wonder Girls still considering renewing contracts with JYP

​Photo: JYP Entertainment​ 


2017 has barely started, and yet, for ​Wonderfuls​, they are on pins and needles as to whether or not ​Wonder Girls​ will be renewing their contract with ​JYP Entertainment​.


According to several reports, the four members have been in discussions with other agencies as their contract expires at the end of the month. One source close to the group members says that the members wish to be under a company that recognized their talents for what they are and give them more creative freedom over the music they release to the public. Furthermore, they are looking to have more acting and MC gigs and want support for those activities.


An official from JYP Entertainment relayed through a phone call that no decisions have been made as member ​Yubin​'s father's death delayed the process. However, they are not certain whether the members are looking for new agencies.


Hopefully, JYP will realize that they'd be losing a gem if the Wonder Girls don't re-sign with JYP Entertainment.


​written by Korea.com's Emily 

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