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RAIN brings sexy back during 'The Squall Tour' in Singapore

Photo from Star Speed Entertainment


2016 ended on a high for 'Clouds' (official fan name) who attended the much-anticipated 30th December Singapore concert of RAIN. Titled "The Squall World Tour", the 2-hour long show was held at high-end Resorts World Sentosa Convention Centre, matching his hallyu superstar status. With Singapore being the very last stop, many overseas fans, notably from China and Korea, were seen in attendance cheering for their star.  


The audience demographic was certainly different from the usual K-Pop idol concerts, with most having followed the 14-year experienced performer for many years since his debut. Despite the older age, their enthusiasm and passion were not any lesser and they had no qualms showing it. To return his fans' ardent love, Rain showered them with 2 hours of sexy soul-searching performances, leaving everyone at the edge of their seats.


Photo from Star Speed Entertainment 


Despite the hour-long delay at the start, Rain made up for it. Kicking off with his iconic song 'It's Raining', he easily got his fans screaming to his sexy dancing in 'I'm Coming' and 'Hip Song'. The professional knew how to work the crowd and teased for louder screams as he slowly pulled down his jacket's zip. His versatility in handling a wide range of genre was evident as he serenaded the crowd with 'Love Story', 'One' and 'I Do'.  


Chaos soon followed when the star went down the stage during 'The Bed I Laid In'  to get closer to his fans. Many rushed to the front and formed a mob, trying to reach out for a handshake. Changing to a new outfit for 'How To Avoid The Sun' and 'Bad Boy', Rain continued to the dazzle the crowd with his sleek dance moves and intriguing vocals that clearly displayed why he is an iconic figure in the Korean music industry.


Photo from Star Speed Entertainment 


Despite being 34, Rain proved that age was just a number and he has not lost his sexy vibe. One of the highlights was during 'I' when he eventually stopped with the teasing and ripped open his shirt, revealing a muscular chest. Unfortunately for many who had expected him to go topless, they were left yearning for more.     


Photo from Star Speed Entertainment  


The night ended on a high with 'Rainism' and an encore of 'La Song'. Rain poured his heart out to his fans who never stopped screaming for him throughout the entire concert and wished everyone a "Happy New Year". It might be another long wait before fans can see him again in Singapore but we doubt their love would die down anytime soon.  


Meanwhile, Rain has announced comeback plans to the music scene this 15 January.     


Korea.com's Shya contributed to this report from Singapore 

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