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GOT7 hits a Homerun with FLY in Singapore concert

  • Name : shyalee
  • Date : 2016-07-04 13:37:07


Photo credits: ONE Production / Marcus Lin


Multinational (and without a doubt multi-talented) group GOT7 kept their promise to fans and returned to Singapore shores with their first ever full-fledged solo concert, 'FLY in Singapore 2016' on June 24. Held at Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre, the venue was bustling with fans hours prior to the show. If the turnout at their open Press Conference held a day before the concert was any indication of their popularity, the concert venue which was filled with over 4500 fans speak volumes of GOT7's rising fame.



Photo credits: ONE Production / Marcus Lin


Decked in shimmering matching black outfits, the 7 members (JB, Mark, Junior, Jackson, Youngjae, BamBam, Yugyeom) kickstart the concert aptly with 'Put Your Hands Up' followed by 'Turn Up The Music'. If ahgases were not already hyped up at this point, the song lineup certainly got their excitement levels exponentially rising! The septet performed plenty of fan favourites including debut track 'Girls Girls Girls''Stop Stop It''Just Right' and not forgetting songs from their latest mini-album, 'Flight Log: Departure'  - 'Fly' and 'Home Run' just to name a few. 


Here's why we think GOT7 nailed it perfectly at their first Singapore concert:

1) Explosive, Interactive and Highly Entertaining

The carefully thought out set-list was perfectly arranged, switching from show-stopping numbers to love confession ballads and back to upbeat dance tracks. Although it was a concert, the atmosphere was intimate and interactive enough to be categorized as a large-scale fan-meeting of sorts. A special game called 'Spin The Roulette' had cameras zooming in to the audience and picking fans to carry out dance missions. Although it was likely a recorded segment, the accuracy of GOT7 members' voice-overs made their Ahgase fans feel like they were having a real 1-1 conversation. Taking advantage of the group's English-speaking ability, the members also conversed in English as much as possible and brought bouts of laughter with their constant banter on stage. We declare GOT7's 'FLY' tour the longest & most entertaining flight ever in history!

2) Special Stages​

GOT7 transforms into their debut title track 'Girls Girls Girls', and admittedly some members manage to pull off the feminine look! The segment was definitely the highlight of the night and drew the loudest fan cheers. 

Photo credits: ONE Production / Marcus Lin

JBJackson, Bambam and Yugyeom dressed up as girl group Red Velvet and performed the catchy hit song 'Dumb Dumb' while Mark, Junior and Youngjae turned into innocent-looking GFriend and performed 'Me Gustas Tu'.

Photo credits: ONE Production / Marcus Lin

Bambam's dream came true during this tour and he was noticeably the most excited one on stage. Pouting and displaying cute facial expressions, Bambam asked the audience, "Are we pretty? Are we cute? Are we sexy?" The two 'sub-units' combined forces and hilariously performed JJ Project's 'Hooked' with their long wigs and short dresses. It was indeed a sight to behold!

Photo credits: ONE Production / Marcus Lin

Other special performances that were prepared included sub-unit stages. JB and Youngjae paired up to perform self-composed track '1:31am' while Mark and Junior brought the energy levels up with 'Higher'. Trio Bambam, Jackson and Yugyeom followed up with 'We Only Live Once (WOLO)'. Wanting to make each and every concert special and unique to the country, GOT7 also prepared a mandarin song by local singer-songwriter JJ Lin, titled 'If Only'

3) Endless Fan Service

This is undoubtedly the best reward and present any fan can ask for, and GOT7 had no qualms about showing all their love and gratitude for their ahgases. From eye contact to heart gestures and words of love, GOT7 members gave it all. Of course, we think the ultimate fan service has to be the cross-dressing segment, hands down!

Photo credits: ONE Production / Marcus Lin

Wrapping up the encore performance, the 7 members took time to express their heartfelt emotions to their beloved fans. With messages full of love and cheesy lines, it is no wonder fans are falling head over heels with the septet. Check out some of their (cringe-worthy) parting words below: 

Mark: We hope we can come back soon, maybe for a fanmeeting... Thank you so much for coming out today. Get home safe guys! Stay healthy and take care of yourselves. We'll be back soon!

Jackson: Maybe for a fan-meeting or a concert... or maybe for a visit in your house! Sentosa, Night Safari, it's all great but you know what's better that that? IT'S YOU (fans)! 

BamBam: I might come back here with my family for a vacation! I hope we can see each other again soon. I love you lah! (in Singlish)

Junior: You guys promise me right here, that you love only GOT7!

Youngjae: In Singapore, so hot. You guys (are) so hot people! I'll be back! *starts singing to their labelmate 2PM's song*
Photo credits: ONE Production / Marcus Lin

With one final group photo taken of GOT7 with the crowd, the night came to a close on a high note. If their promises of returning hold true, fans in Singapore need not wait too long to meet with GOT7 for another fun reunion!

We would like to thank local organizer ONE Production & JYP Entertainment for extending media invites and allowing coverage access to GOT7's FLY in Singapore 2016.'s Shya contributed to this report from Singapore.


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