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'BigBang Made', 10th anniversary #Concert #Members #Future

BigBang celebrate themselves their 10th anniversary.


BigBang's 10th anniversary project 'BigBang Made' reveal itself on June 28 through the press preview. 'BigBang Made' is a documentary movie which contains 340 day's itinerary BigBang's world tour 'MADE' in 13 countries, 32 cities.


BigBang released new tracks on May 1 last year in a 3 years since their 'STILL ALIVE' album in 2012. BigBang had released their single album in a month entitled 'MADE' series. And each track charted #1. In the movie, their practicing and preparing features are included.

Photo from 'BigBang Made'



And also in the documentary movie 'BigBang Made', BigBang's daily features are included not just their features as singers. Because they are just 20s guys youthful. And they also have team chemistry as family with crews. Membeers are the best friend and co-workers as each other in their life. In 'BigBang Made', their interviews show member's truthful conversation and their thoughts.




Through the movie, BigBang talked about heavy topic such as re-contract with company and army problems. It was sensitive problem for them but they left in YG company and said "We never think leaving YG because it is our home." They have made their team stable in the moment of crisis with their strong bonding teamwork.




Lastly, 'Bigbang Made' contains that 10th anniversary idol group's feature and at the same time, members' feature in youth. It will be released on June 30.




Korea.com's Mindy Park contributed to this report from Seoul

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