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'No Matter What' BOA × Beenzino dream refined couple.

Photo from BOA Instagram

Another female vocal - rapper collaboration is accomplished. SM station introduced a special meeting between BOA​×Beenzino.

SM Station which is SM Entertainment's digital track opening web site released 19th runner of a new track 'No Matter What.'​


The new track 'No Matter What' is a bright, refined and summer style tropical house song. the story tells about couple who want to be together all the time. BOA's special voice and Beenzino's rhythmical rap mix well in the song.


​In this new track, BOA directly wrote lyrics. BOA also wrote the music and lyrics her 8th album 'Kiss My Lips' last year, it showed her musician appearance. And Trinity who spotlighted by RedVelvet's 'Ice cream cake' completed the track.

Meanwhile, SM Station releases new track every Friday. they show many music style's collaboration such as various artists, producers and composers.

Korea.com's Mindy Park contributed to this report from Seoul.

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