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'Kiha&The Faces', give the god of Funky!

Photo from 'Duruduru amc'


​Band Kiha&The Faces (Jan KiHa, Lee MinGi, Hasegawa Yohey, Jeong JungYeop, Lee JongMin, Jeon IlJoon) give us an extraordinary message of love. The Genre of a title track is a funk. 


They released their 4th album entitled 'Where Is An Experienced Love In My Love?' which includes its title track 'The Smell's Gone' other impressive tracks on June 16. Kiha&The Faces also revealed the music video of 'The Smell's Gone.' Watch it here:


'The Smell's Gone' is a quick tempo funk song. KiHa said, "I fell into despair when the smell of fish not disappear. I sprayed a deodorant crazy and hung cloth on a window, and then the smell's gone. I made the song with this episode." The explanation is really extraordinary and unique as itself. We can find out Jang KiHa's unique music style. ​

In addition, he told that he wanted to express his obsession of funk through this track. The track mixed well with synthesizer melody based on quick beat and band session. It can be defined ordinary Kiha&The Faces' music style.

'The Smell's Gone' music video was taken in Bi Jin Do in TongYoung, KyungsangNamdo, it mixed well with wittily content and beautiful scenery.

Korea.com's Mindy Park contributed to this report.



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