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'10cm' ranks #1 chart on 4 carts with 'I like you'!

Photo from Mystic Entertainment

Male duo 10cm's new track 'I like you' has placed high on the music charts.

10cm​'s 'I Like You' was released on June 16 at midnight. The track was ranked #1 on local music charts including Mnet, Olleh Music, Genie and Bugs. This song also ranked #6 on Melon, and #2 on Naver Music.

This track is a re-make of girl group Jewelry's 'I Like You,' which was released on 2003. 10cm reinterpreted this song and made more wittily and acoustic.

The original producer of the song 'I Like You,' Park Geon Tae said, ​"I had lots of conversations with 10cm about this song and decided to re-make it with 10cm's style."

In the track 'I like you,' Kwon Jung Yeol's sweet and lilting voice and Yoon chul Jong's rhythmical guitar are perfectly collaborated. Even in music video, actress Shin So Yul's amazing acting gave more enjoyment. Check out the music video here:



As you can see in the music video, Shin So Yul dances and sings alone recalling loving person, her brother(Seo Jang Hoon) teases her after seen her. 


Korea.com's Mindy Park and Emily You contributed to this report from Seoul.​

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