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BEAST to release 3rd studio album HIGHLIGHT in July


​Photo: CUBE Entertainment

​After ​Hyunseung​ left the group a little while ago, ​BEAST​ will be making a comeback as a 5-member group with 3rd studio album ​Highlight​ on July 4th!

A very simple teaser was released that highlights (no pun intended) a rainbow, pastel feel with butterflies flying about. It seems to be a turn for BEAST, who is known for a dark and angsty image.

Along with this simple teaser came still cuts for a prologue video. These images depict the members with their backs facing the camera and holding a hand tied with a ribbon. ​The Prologue ​will be released on June 17th at midnight KST, so less than a day remains to see what these images mean.
​Photo: CUBE Entertainment

​'s Emily wrote this article from California.


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