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Late June, 'Big Bang of Girl groups', Sistar and Wondergirls comeback!

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2016-06-15 11:08:06

​In the late June, famous girl groups will comeback but other rookie girl groups also comeback! It will be chaos of girl groups.

SONAMOO, Brave Girls and Melody day will release their new tracks in the late June. And Jelly-Fish Entertainment (Jelly-Fish) which Kim Se Jung of I.O.I is included also decided their new rookie girl group's debut date in the late June.


Photo from Starship Entertainment


Photo from V-app


A competition in good faith between Sistar and Wondergirls is already warned. Sistar who is 'Summer Queen' will comeback with their 4th mini album titled 'Moh-Ah-Ae' on June 21. After a week, Wondergirls will release their new album. They are the top two girl groups in K-pop chart. That's why they are strong competitors to rookie girl groups.

But it also will be a chance to rookie girl groups because they can be judged compared to strong groups.

Jelly-Fish's girl group which Kim Se Jung is included already have many fandom so they are anticipated to apply leverage in chart competition.

SONAMOO also will comeback in 29th breaking blank of one year, and they will show more mature images. TS Entertainment hinted that "They will comeback with Barbie doll images." Melody day who has great visual and vocal skill will comeback with seasonal music and performance.​'s Mindy Park contributed to this report from Seoul.

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