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Jung Il Woo confirmed to star in Thailand drama!

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2016-06-07 15:04:06

​Actor Jung Il Woo confirmed as the male lead in the upcoming Thailand drama 'Love and Lie.'

HB​ Entertainment said, "He decided to do this project because it is really meaningful." And also said "He is trying with very challenging mind. Please support him!"

Photo from HB Entertainment

Drama 'Love and Lie' is a project of major Thailand drama producing company 'CP Group.' That's why they cast Jung Il Woo because he is very famous not only in Korea but also in Asia.

He is the first Korean actor who takes the main role in Thailand drama. Nowadays, many celebrities are trying to go abroad in various ways. This is kind of 'Territory Expansion.'

Actually, Thailand is the middle of Southeast Asia. An official say "Starting with Thailand, Southeast Asia will be the next China in Korean wave."

Jung Il Woo will play the person in charge of PR of entertainment company. He is the head of household of abandoned family by father. He will show variety looks from Chic guy to Romantic guy.

Already many fans in Thailand are anticipating to watching Jung Il Woo on their TV. Meanwhile, Jung Il Woo leaved to Thailand to shoot 'Love and Lie.'

Korea.com's Mindy Park contributed to this report from Seoul.​

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