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[RECAP] KCON '16 LA Asian Media Day

41c643134507e30940bd28147a5d34e8_1464912 ​Photo: Korea.com


KCON '16 LA ​is less than two months away and a stellar line-up has been announced, including ​SHINee​, ​BTS​, ​TaeTiSeo​, ​CNBLUE​, ​Twice​, ​GFriend​, and more. Today, at the JJ Grand Hotel in Koreatown, Los Angeles, ​KCON '16 LA Asian Media Day​ was held and we were invited to the press conference.


The conference started with an overview of ​CJ E&M​, the company behind ​KCON​ and a leading company in Korean entertainment, culture, and lifestyle. Next, the representative talked and explained what KCON is and how it started out in 2012 with 9,000 in attendance. This year, KCON has been expanded to quite a few locations and is looking to see 75,000+ in attendance for LA alone.


There will be more special guests and artists to be announced in the coming weeks before tickets go on sale June 10 and June 13. The KCON K-Town Night Market, which was a huge hit last year and brought Korean street food to the streets of LA, will be bigger this year with 30-50 booths and is open to public.


In addition, there will be a ​Klub KCON​ on the Friday of both events. There will no alcohol, unfortunately, but a special appearance will be made by ​a surprise artist​, who will be having a mini showcase! As KCON has not revealed this, we will not be revealing it either, but it will be a good one!


Something new for this year are a ​K-beauty​ block, which will be dedicated to cosmetics because Korean beauty has been a big wave into the cosmetics market, and ​E-sports tournament​, which will pit popular gamers against each other.


That's it for now, but there will be more exciting announcements coming in the next few weeks. We'll keep you updated!


​Korea.com's Emily wrote this from California. 

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