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TWICE 'Cheer Up', 'The best hit song in May!'

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2016-06-02 14:27:06


​Photo from JYP Entertainment

​'No Exit Rotation Door' TWICE rocked the whole month of May.

TWICE's ​'Cheer Up' ranked #1 on the monthly music charts. In April and May, despite the power of spring songs, TWICE's 'Cheer Up' got first place in the rankings.

Last April 25, TWICE released their mini album 'PAGE TWO' and just after releasing album they marked No.1 on weekly charts. Despite reversing charts for their first title 'Like OOH-AHH', second album got No.1 right after coming back.

2nd and 4th were ranked by AKMU who debuted last 2014 with album entitled 'PLAY.' The title track 'RE-BYE' ranked 2nd, 'How People Move' ranked 4th on same monthly chart. AKMU is the only one artist who made 2 ranked songs in one monthly chart.

Lastly, Crush's track 'Woo Ah' in his album [Interlude] ranked 8th, AOA's 'Good Luck' ranked 9th. Last month's No.1 track 10cm's 'What the Spring?' ranked 10th on May.'s Mindy Park contributed to this report from Seoul.​

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