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JYP NATION IN KOREA 2016 to be held August 6 and August 7!

  • Name : bobamochi
  • Date : 2016-05-31 04:09:05


​Photo: JYP Twitter

Fans of ​JYP NATION​, rejoice! For your favorite artists from JYP will be coming together at Jamsil Indoor Stadium for two nights in August for some unforgettable concert memories!



The concert will feature ​J.Y. Park​, ​Wonder Girls​, ​Jo Kwon​, ​2PM​, ​miss A​'s ​Min​ and ​Fei​, ​Baek A Yeon​, 15&​'s​ Park Ji Min​, ​GOT7​, ​Bernard Park​, ​G.Soul​, ​DAY6​, and ​TWICE​. No word on why ​miss A​'s ​Suzy​ and ​15&​'s ​Yerin​ will not be participating, but fans can still expect a nice concert.


In addition, it's been announced that there will be another family song, the first since ​This Christmas ​in 2010. Only 13 artists will have their solo parts and they will be competing for one of those spots. Are you excited?


​Korea.com's Emily wrote this article from California. 

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