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Red Velvet gearing up for a summer comeback!

  • Name : bobamochi
  • Date : 2016-05-27 14:28:05

​Photo: SMTOWN​ 


Someone at ​SM Entertainment​ is high on music because it looks like fans will be seeing ​Red Velvet​ this summer once more!


Having come back in March with ​The Velvet​, Red Velvet joins the summer comeback craze and is seemingly looking to have a July comeback. SM Entertainment confirmed this and added that the group is undergoing album preparations. Once the comeback schedule is finalized, there will be an official announcement regarding the comeback.


SM Entertainment is on a roll, with ​SHINee​'s ​Jonghyun ​recently returning this week, ​f(x)​'s ​Luna​ debuting next week, and ​EXO​ and ​Girls' Generation​'s ​Taeyeon​ some time in June.


​'s Emily wrote this article from California. 

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