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f(x)'s Luna is going solo!

  • Name : bobamochi
  • Date : 2016-05-26 13:31:05


​Photo: SMTOWN


It's solo season at ​SM Entertainment​ and ​f(x)​'s ​Luna​ will be the next artist to deliver a solo debut for adoring fans!


Luna will release her first mini-album titled ​Free Somebody​ on May 31st, which has come a surprise to many considering it's less than a week away and ​SHINee​'s ​Jonghyun​ just released his mini-album earlier this week. Not much has been announced regarding the mini-album but there will be 6 tracks and the title track will also be Free Somebody.


What kind of song do you think she'll be going for?


a8622fe836d142e350d34c2f6fe04352_1464237​Photos from SMTOWN


​Korea.com's Emily wrote this article from California.


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