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Come get 'Apple Pie' with FIESTAR!

  • Name : bobamochi
  • Date : 2016-05-19 00:58:05


​Photo: LOEN Tree


Want some ​Apple Pie​? You're in for a treat as FIESTAR​ ​joins the wave of artists making a comeback leading up to the summer months!


The sudden comeback news took fans by surprise as they weren't expecting it, but they should still be pleased about the new songs the group has to offer. A 180-degree from their previous release, the girls sport bright cheery looks. Perhaps the song will take on a retro look but we'll see come May 31st! It was also revealed that ​Ryan Jhun​ produced the song, which should turn up the excitement as he's worked previously with ​U-Kiss​, ​SHINee​, ​EXO​, ​Red Velvet​, and others.'s Emily wrote this article from California.


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