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Jessica admits to dating Tyler Kwon for 3 years, talks about her solo debut

  • Name : bobamochi
  • Date : 2016-05-17 13:01:05

a8622fe836d142e350d34c2f6fe04352_1463457 ​Photo: Coridel Entertainment

​Jessica ​has made a successful solo debut with mini-album ​With Love, J​. With that comes interviews galore!

In a recent interview, Jessica gushed about the emotions she experienced while preparing for her solo debut, in which she had an active hand in producing. She wanted to reward her fans for their faith and neverending patience with her.

In the same interview, she confirmed that she has been dating ​Tyler Kwon​, who is also CEO of her agency ​Coridel Entertainment​, for the past 3 years but said that she has no plans of marriage just yet. However, in the future, she would like to have at least two children because of the joy she has of a younger sister.

When asked about ​Girls' Generation​'s ​Tiffany​'s recent solo debut, Jessica wished her success and said that she had been following her activities, watched her MV and showcase. She also said that their music colors are different so fans should enjoy both types of music and wish each one well. She admitted that there are some members she keeps in touch with and others she doesn't, but hopes the group does well for a very long time.

Looks like Jessica has matured during her time after Girls' Generation. We wish her luck too!

​'s Emily wrote this article from California.


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