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SM STATION, Sensitive vocal collaboration K.WillXBaekhyun!

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2016-05-11 15:29:05

Finally, SM Entertainment's digital music channel SM STATION has announced that EXO's Baekhyun will be one of the singers in 14​th​ on this channel.

The agency has been teasing a 'boy duo,' and it looks like Baekhyun is collaborating with ballad singer-songwriter K.Will. Not much else has been detailed besides the song title, 'The Day', and the release date of May 13 at midnight.

'The Day' is a slow tempo folk ballad played with an acoustic guitar. The two singers' voices are really mellow and captivating and the song expresses longing for loves past. In the latter half of the song, passionate vocal and orchestral sounds will maximize the feeling which expresses the longing for a loving person. There is no doubt that this song will be a favorite of many.


​photos from SM Entertainment

​Especially, K.Will is famous for his captivating voice. He also had numerous hit songs, including 'Miss, Miss and Miss', 'My Tears are Dropping', 'Please, Don't...', 'Love Blossom' or 'You Don't Know Love'. Baekhyun has worked with the group EXO, and he also created many hit songs such as 'Dream' a collaboration song and 'Beautiful' which is the OST of a drama. Many global fans are anticipating his songs because he has an outstanding singing skills and a variety of vocal color.

Furthermore, the teaser images of the two stars on the new track 'The Day' are dropped through the Instagran account 'STATION' and the Vyrl account of SMTOWN. The collaboration of these two artists will make headlines for sure.'s Mindy Kim and Emily You contributed to this report from Seoul.

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