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James Reid Spent 23rd Birthday in Charity

  • Name : gikimtan
  • Date : 2016-05-11 00:02:05

James Reid spent his 23rd birthday in charity with the less fortunate children on May 08, 2016. 


I have always admired and inspired by people with golden hearts. Learned from good value teachings we should have Faith, Hope and Love (Charity).  We have long been taught this virtue of loving and caring for others. 


Although I am suspicious of acts of charity from people who merely want to announce their false piety, But James Reid is exemptional from this fame strategy, . He gives his time and money for charitable causes and no one would have been the wiser, were it not for the beneficiaries thanking him for his help.


 Taking this to heart, James Reid has shown compassion for those less fortunate than him. Spending birthday withorphagne / homeless children  is one of a kind gesture of a humble man, sharing his blessing to others is what makes him more adorable.

Last year and this year James Reid spent his birthday with the less fortunate children and  can see on his eyes that he really enjoy doing this act of love,- charity. James Reid  dance and sing with them , he never get tired of playing games with these children and in the end he distributed gifts for each of them. 


People attribute his overwhelming success as a singer, actor and artist to good karma, as a result of his charitable works. Of course, I wouldn’t argue that he deserves his good karma. But I believe that he does all these good works not to earn good karma. Instead, I think of him as a truly good and compassionate person. His current success is the result of hard work and talent. His golden heart is his treasure to share. . However, the fact that James Reid is a kind and caring person is such a reward to his parents. Even if the world around him has evolved fast, there is one word in his top priority list that has remained on top his family.  His work is all for  His love for his family and this considered as an act of charity also.   It makes admiring and loving him all the more worthwhile and inspiring. His parents and fans get two for the price of one!



On your 23rd birthday, today May 11, we wish you nothing but all the BEST to come. May all the desire of your heart come true.

Happy  Birthday to you be happy always Cheers!



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