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James Reid To Star in the Big Screen "This Time" in May

  • Name : gikimtan
  • Date : 2016-04-27 23:00:04

From humble beginnings to stardom, that is the best way to start to get to know Mr James Reid, the Fil-Aussie and ultimate winner of  the prestige TV star teen search   in 2010 , SBS Pop Asia Winner  2015 and now The Prince of Philippine TV . His humble self brought him to fame . Who would think that a shy young star would become famous not only in  South Pacific Asia countries but to Europe and America as well.  It certainly explains the reason why  Filipinos  Fans in Asian, Middle East European american fan meets were held in those places successfully..  He made it possible to the big venue from these countries together with his love team Ms Nadine Lustre , he conquered the hearts of fans around the globe.


If anyone ever bothered to look James Reid nim , the humble young superstar  will see he is a man a step ahead of his time. He opened the door of opportunity and from that opening others followed and made hay, and those who shower  with awards and recognitions, . Wasn’t he the first singing idol to successfully leap to idol acting? His concepts in his music videos and even song choices have been innovative and fresh.  Now he is back on big screen , his acting skills made him known as one of the versatile superstar, he can adopt to every mood of the script, his eyes speaks, he is a very intelligent person too, can deliver his dialogue very clearly,  he is smart during interviews, very  soft spoken and sincere man,  it is very rare to have many talents all in one person, James Reid basically  can act, sing, dance and have the good looks and body and a good heart to his family. His love for  his family is truly adorable and amazing.His dreams always include his family.  He is oftentimes misunderstood as a carefree person, but his fans must know who he really is and can defend him  from negative fans. He is ain't a saint but definitely He has a good heart.  




He is full of creative ideas and he needs the confidence to take on the unknown. His heart and soul are in the right places. What he needs is to inject new blood to help him introduce major changes in his career. He doesn't need to pretend to be somebody else he is just to be himself. His Reider's, Reidant's, Wolves and Jadine will always accept him for what he is they understand and defend him from bashers and be with him forever and always . Maybe his big screen comeback "This Time" and new Album  will set the green light for him  that will finally mold James Reid  to be a global superstar for a long time.


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