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Tiffany, Jun Hyoseong and Jung Eun-ji make their comeback for the new season of Cherry Blossom

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  • Date : 2016-03-10 11:36:03

​This spring on Cherry Blossom, solo singers from Korean girl groups will compete for the hearts and minds of fans.

Several solo singers who earned their popularity with their singing skills and talents as entertainers attempt their comebacks this upcoming March and early April.





The starter will be the team leader of Secret, Jun Hyoseong. Recently, she has been shooting a special season 4 as a women soldier in MBC’s “Real Men”.

She is well-known for being a “Bagel girl”-a woman with a baby face and a glamorous body. She will attempt her comeback in the last week in March.




Prior to this comeback, she had earned much popularity from her first solo album “Good-night Kiss”.

A rep from Hyosung’s agency said that it will be the first time she performs as a solo singer and that her song is full of spring-like feelings in a unique concept.

In April, there are 2 solo singers from girl groups who will have their solo debut.

Jung Eun-ji of Apink will attempt her comeback in the form of a late debut.


In her case, it can be said that she is too talented in both singing and acting to make a comeback as a solo as a singer so far.


She was the female lead for tvN’s widely-popular “Reply 1997” and followed that with “Lovers of Music” at KBS2.





Actually, she prepared her solo debut last November. By the way, she was castas a female lead for “CheerUp” at KBS2 at that time. So she postponed her solo debut.

Her agency announced that she was castfor “CheerUp” after her solo song was almost confirmed. As the season changed, a part of her song also needed to be changed. Also they said they will support her successful solo performance with much preparation.



It was announced last year-end that Tiffany of Girl’s Generation was preparing for her solo debut.

Tiffany’s solo debut is anticipated because of Taeyeon’s successful solo performances.

Tiffany’s singing career will be closer to Taeyeon’s as they have been performing as “TaeTiSeo”-the unit team of Girl’s Generation, together, and starting a solo performance.




​Photo: 'Remember' Music video screenshot,Vogue Girl, MBC, tvN, Instyle, and High Cut

A staff member said, “Many fans might think of the best singer in Girl’s Generation is Taeyeon. But, Tiffany is also as good as Taeyeon. Also she has many male fans-as much as Taeyeon, so her solo debut is highly anticipated.”

Many fans have been looking forward to meeting famous and talented members of girl groups, Jun Hyoseong, Jung Eun-ji and Tiffany in their solo singer debut.'s Blare Kim and Emily You contributed to this report from Seoul.

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