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“My Mamamoo girls”, Chloe Grace Moretz is also a fan of Mamamoo

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2016-03-07 16:06:03



Hollywood actress Chole Grace Moretz became one of “Moomoo” fans whose muse is a rising Korean girl group, “Mamamoo”.


On February 6, Moretz posted a picture taken with Mamamoo on her instagram.

The atmosphere was harmonious. Moretz and Mamamoo struck friendly poses. Especially, it was noticable that Moretz looked very excited.





Prior to this meeting, Moretz expressed her curiosity about Mamamoo’s music video entitled “Taller than you (1cm)” also she updated her SNS by saying that she was currently hooked on this song and she wanted to know what song it was and who these girls were.

Then, she finally found out these girls who these girls were based on what a fan said.


​Photo: Chloe Grace Moretz's SNS(Twitter, Instagram)

In the 2nd day of Moretz's to visit in Korea to shoot an advertisement for the online game “Sudden Attack”, she got Mamamoo’s music CD with their signatures.

During her visit, she appeared tvN’s “SNL Korea” and "Questionable Man” etc.

Meanwhile, Mamamoo has been performing with their new song “You’re the best” which won the 1st prize at the SBS “Inkigayo” last week.

Korea.com's Blare Kim contributed to this report from Seoul. 


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