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Jessica and SM Entertainment say their farewells

​Photo​: Drama 'Wild Romance'

​After shocking the KPOP world with her sudden departure from ​SNSD​, former member ​Jessica​ has decided to part ways with her agency ​SM Entertainment​.


Though much speculation remains rampant about whether Jessica is leaving on her own volition or if she was kicked out of the group, it appears no hard feelings remain when she and SM mutually terminated her contract. SM issued a brief statement, which said, "After much discussion with Jessica, who has been with SM Entertainment for these many years, we have decided to go our separate ways with the hope for progress and development in each other. Please support Jessica as she starts a new journey."


Since leaving the group, Jessica has been busy as a fashion designer, starting her own brand ​Blanc & Eclare​, and attending many fashion events and meeting celebrities in the fashion world. We sincerely hope for the best for her!'s bobamochi contributed to this article from the USA.

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