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Big Bang dominate music charts with their new album 'E'

Photo from YG Entertainment


Big Bang achieve an all-kill with their last 'MADE' project album entitled 'E'!


Album'E' consists of 2 tracks: 'Let's Not Fall in Love,' and 'Zutter.' These two tracks placed on the top of music charts, and placed #1 on Itune's single album chart in 16 countries including Brunei, Cambodia, Chile, El Salvador, Finland, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Also, 'E' placed #2 on Canada, Columbia, Norway, Sweden, Romania, and Slovenia charts. 


The lyrics of 'Let's Not Fall in Love' are ironically about the desire for love. The 5 different members of Big Bang showed their unique vocals in this song. Check out the 'Let's Not Fall in Love' music video:




Big Bang's the rapper sub unit GD & TOP is releases with 'Zutter,' after 5 years. This song is produced by YG's music producer, Teddy. Watch their official music video:’s Emily You ( contributed to this report from Seoul.
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