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BIG BANG unveils 2nd image for MADE Series [E]


​Source​: YGLIFE

​It's been a KPOP madhouse with comebacks and debuts left and right and boy group ​BIG BANG​ is returning to the fray with the last part of their MADE Series ​E​.

Earlier this year, ​YG​ had announced that BIG BANG would be making their comeback with two singles dropping every month, starting in May, and culminating with the album dropping in September. The first part of the [E] series will be a song by duo ​GD&TOP​, while the second part features the entire group for ​Let's not Love​. 

Could this be a sad break-up ballad ready to make us emotionally sad? Unfortunately, we won't get that answer until August 5th. Better get those tissues ready!'s bobamochi contributed to this article from the USA.


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