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See SHINee exude their creepy charms for 'Married to the Music' teasers!


Source​: SHINee Official Website 


Ah, summer. A time for swimsuits, pool parties, sun, water, ice cream, anything to get rid of the heat. That category includes horror flicks. Wait, horror flicks? You got that right - anything scary will give you the chills. And that is what ​SHINee​ is seemingly bringing to the table for their repackaged album ​Married to the Music​!






It was a nice surprise when SM Entertainment dropped the news on fans yesterday, and today, the company comes bearing even more gifts, this time with individual teaser images of the five men. They exude some creepy and scary vibes in their pictures and with the horror theme, it appears Halloween came a couple months early!




The repackaged album will contain four tracks. ​Married to the Music​ is said to be punk disco with a highly energetic dance to go with it. ​Savior​ is another electric dance song by Kenzie, ​with ​Hold You​ and ​Chocolate ​as R&B tracks. Member ​Jonghyun​ helped work on that with hip hop artist Yankie.




With the album dropping August 3rd, looks like summer can't get any chillier!


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