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Netizen Investigation: Are AOA's Jimin and Ikon's Jinhwan Dating?

In the past few years, it seems as though one of the favorite hobbies of netizens is investigating the lives of stars. Many idols have tried to hide their relationships, family problems or personal issues from the spotlight, but sooner or later, it seems as though netizens always find out the truth. Today, the biggest rumor with netizens is speculation that AOA's Jimin and Ikon's Jinhwan are dating.

The two have many similar interests that have been noticed by fans. Both of the stars like "Toy Story" and collect figurines or toys from the popular movie. However, many people like to collect movie figurines, so this isn't exactly "proof" that they are dating.

Later though, the two were spotted on what appeared to be a date. They were shopping together and stood very close to each other in a comfortable manner. Their behavior on that day did suggest there was a deeper connection between them but nothing was ever confirmed.

Since then, fans have also spotted the two idols wearing couple jewelry and using various couple items such as matching shoes, bags, and more.

What do you think? Does this point to a relationship between the two artists? If they are dating in secret, do you hope they make it public? Or are you not a fan of this couple and wish they would both date someone else you think is even better for them? Let us know in the comments below!

All we can say is, romance or friendship, the two look happy together and we hope they can always have a beautiful relationship as friends... or maybe more!

This article was contributed to from the USA by Miss Hallyu.
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