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Kara to kick off their comeback with new album ‘In Love’

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2015-05-18 15:39:05



Photo Credit: DSP Media


Girl idol group Kara is ready to kick off their comeback with their 7th new mini album. Kara’s agency, DSP Media announced Kara’s comeback by posting a teaser image for Kara’s upcoming album, which is entitled ‘In Love.’ As you could see from the teaser image above, the caption said ‘2015.05.26 KARA IN LOVE’ which indicates the date of their comeback and the title of album. The Images of perfume, jewelry, necklaces, and flowers make people wonder about the concept for ‘In Love.’ DSP Media added that those 4 images are hinting some concepts for title track for this album. Kara plans to invite local and overseas industry insiders, and fans for their first showcase at Blue Square, which located in Hannamdong, Seoul.

Korea.com’s Emily You (maintyoung@korea.com) contributed to this report from Seoul. 

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