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Wonilbio Ltd. is a company founded by a group of twenty Oriental medicine doctors whose vision was to take the results from years of research into the effectiveness of herbal medicine and herbal extraction processes and transform them into a range of outstanding products. 

Located in the Oriental Medicine Industry Hall of Choongbook Technopark in Jaechon City, known as the city of Oriental medicine, Wonilbio Ltd. is becoming known as an Oriental Medicine Store that develops, distributes and retails a variety of health, skincare and household items made from Oriental herbal medicine.  






Cure&Care Set

Cure & Care is a natural skincare brand that focuses on the balance and harmony of fundamental beauty by utilizing the wisdom from traditional herbal medicine as the basis of its product formulation. Products are made from Oriental medicine prescriptions and only environmentally-friendly organic ingredients are used, and as such, Cure & Care is a "multi-cosmetic" brand whose aim is to not only care for and maintain surface beauty but treat damaged skin at a deeper level.


Skin deep Cosmetic Database assesses cosmetic products for possible toxins that are harmful to the health and to the environment by reviewing current scientific research and FDA guidelines and gives products ratings out of 10. All Cure & Care products are extremely safe products that have received ratings that fall in the lowest danger category.





Repair Activating Dew Cream/50g

Nature-derived ingredients 96.83% Organic ingredients 15.10% / KFDA Certification / Anti-wrinkle functional cosmetics An organic herbal cream that restores a natural beauty by lifting the elasticity of the skin with herbal extracts and functional ingredients developed to manage the sign of skin aging fundamentally.

Product Features

YOONKWANGBOEUMSOO prescription - Clear and thick distillation extract extracted directly with a traditional remedy to provide shine and elasticity to the skin

Adenosine prescription certified by KFDA - Helps in improving wrinkle containing Adenosine, KFDA certified ingredient

Peptide prescription for maintaining skin elasticity - Palmitoyl Pentapeptide - 4 Prescription that provide as elastic skin through collagen creation.

Originally developed BOEUM oriental medicine complex prescription - BOEUM ingredient that nourishes the skin makes the gap of skin layer solid.





Renewal Anti-wrinkle Cream/50ml


Functional cosmetics for line reducing certified by KFDA

Excellent in revitalizing and firming your skin

Long lasting moist in your skin with portulaca oleracea L.succus and natural oil extracted from oriental herbs.







Wonil Jin Soap/90g


Natural herbal handmade enzyme soap - This soap provides vitality to the skin as it contains naturally fermented enzymes and herbal ingredients which were aged more than 3 years and naturally grown vegetable ingredients.

​Wonil Jin香皂/90克






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