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Jeju Island Samda-Do

Since Jeju is abundant in Wind, Stone and Women, it has often been called Samda-do, a nickname which has been since olden times. First and foremost since it is surrounded by water from all side,s plenty of wind is obvious. Every house has a piled up layer of stones called ‘Doldam’ which have holes in it that is why even fierce winds also pass by them easily. All these stones in Jeju were formed by Mt. Halla’s volcanic eruptions. The reason behind a higher number of women compared to men is as the men used to go into the sea to catch fish and they often get caught in typhoons etc. and hence were not able to get back home. Jejudo natives have to deal with harsh natural environment . It is because of them that this beautiful Island still exists.

Jeju Island has a lot of wind due to its geographical location. The effect of the wind is evident in all areas of lives of the citizens of Jeju and in their use of stone as well. The examples are Jeju thatched houses, which are built behind walls of stones and fields surrounded by stone fences. Jeju also has sayings that teach the wisdom of life through parables of the wind.



Whether on a clear day or in a fierce storm, Jeju’s dolhareubang (stone grandfathers) act as guardians to protect the island against all odds. Each seems like a tough guardian but if you look at him more closely he is quite cute with his bulging eyes and rounded stomach. There is no one representative figure and the statues vary from village to village. The boy statues are placed on both sides of a gravesite to act as a helpers and at times companions to the spirit of the deceased. Since these sculptures are made of basalt, they contain the unique essence of Jeju. Bangsatap are stone towers built to cover some inauspicious or ill-omened place so as to ensure the peace of the village. Before raising the stone tower, the villagers bury a rice scoop or cauldron. A rice scoop represents abundant prosperity with rice filling every pot. The cauldron symbolizes their wishes that their village and families will remain safe from all kinds of adversity, just like a cauldron is impervious to fire.



Mayunara Mayu Cream

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Mayu Skin Mist

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就岛屿的地理特性而言,济州岛从前就是一个多风的地方。因此,风和石头对济 州岛的生活方式产生了全方位的影响。堆砌而成的石头篱笆、新捆扎起来的低矮的济州岛茅草屋顶,用石墙围成的田地等,就是最明显的例子。此外,有一个广为人知的民间俗语,说"风向人们传递着生活的智慧"。

济州石像是这里的守护神,不论是在晴 朗的白日,还是大风猛烈侵袭的时候,一直都用强大的身躯守护着济州岛,如同强悍的父亲。通过仔细的观察,你会发现它的眼睛、肚子,更显出其可爱之处。石像的样子并非如出一辙,根据每个村庄的不同,形态与外表都会有所差异。









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