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​The legend of Jeju's origin

The world had been dark for a long time. Suddenly, dawn broke and the energy of dawn began to hang over the world covered with darkness and chaos. The sky opened at the first hour of the first day of the first month of the first year. 


The ground cracked opened at the second hour of the second day of the second month of the second year. The boundary between heaven and earth became clearer. When the earth cracked, the ground shot up and water flowed down. At this time, blue dew from the sky and black dew from the ground were united and everything started to be formed. The stars were formed first: Altair in the east, Vega in the west, Canopus in the south, the Big Dipper in the north and the Orion Belt in the center. The multitude of stars filled the space in the sky.


It was still dark but blue clouds in the east, white clouds in the west, red clouds in the south, black clouds in the north and yellow clouds in the center began coming and going. At one point, the light of day started to break after all the chickens cried as the Cheonhwang chicken lifted its neck. The Jihwang chicken flapped its wings and the Inhwang chicken lifted its tail. Then the King of Heaven and Earth sent two suns and two moons to the earth, completely opening the sky.



Once upon a time there lived a grandmother named Seolmundae who was unimaginably gigantic and strong. This mystical grandmother shoveled huge mounds of earth and in only seven tosses of her shovel, created Mount Halla. The dirt that fell through her tattered skirt formed each of the more than 360 unique secondary parasitic cones known as oreum. Grandmother Seolmundae gave birth to as many as 500 sons. One day, while all her sons were out hunting a tragedy occurred when Seolmundae, by accident, fell into a gigantic pot of soup she was making to feed her sons. After a while, the sons returned home and hurriedly ate the soup, not knowing their mother was part of it. When they learned the truth, they were so sad that they cried bitter tears and hardened into rocks through the grief they felt for their mother. Their blood and tears shed revive every spring and make Mount Halla bloom in bright color as the royal azaleas blossom.



Long ago, before Jeju Island was inhabited by men, three demi-gods rose from the land at the northern foot of Mount Halla. They were Ko Eulla, Yang Eulla and Bu Eulla and the place where they rose is presently known as Samseonghyeol. One day, the three demi-gods found a box that had landed on a beach and opened it. Inside they found a jade box in the shape of a bird’s egg with a lion to keep watch over it. Inside the jade box were a calf, a foal and the seeds of five types of grain. The lion said, “I am the lion of Byeoknang in the East Sea. Our King has three daughters but he could not find husbands for them, even though they are of marriageable age. When he saw you three legendary founders, he commanded me to bring his her daughters to you.”


After he finished his words, the lion climbed to the sky on a white horse. The three demi-gods prepared themselves through a celebratory ritual in Heaven, showered in the pond known as Honinji and married the three princesses. Together they established their homes and families and from that time forward, farmed the five grains and raised cattle. Through the abundant crops, they founded the Tamna State.



Doctor Anti-acne Set

Product: Skin 100ml+Serum 50ml+Lotion 100ml

This product is made with bonatical oil which has soothing effect. Best for use on acnes.









传说很久以前,姓的神人从汉拿山北山坡上升起。现在人们常说的三姓穴,就在 此。有一天,从海上飘来一个箱子,里面装着形状类似鸟蛋的玉函、以及守着这个玉函的狮子。玉函里有小牛、小马、五谷种子和三名漂亮的姑娘。 狮子说:"我是东海碧浪国的狮子。我们国王有三个女儿,由于找不到如意郎君非常着急。知道了三位神人要建国的理想,命我跟三名公主一同前来,让你们结为夫妻,以便开拓基业、实现建国的理念。"话落,狮子骑着白马升上了天。三神人在婚姻池洗完澡后,带着三名姑娘回家。从这时开始,他们过上了幸福美满的生活,终于建成了人间世界——耽罗国。







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