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Rubus Whitening Moisturizing Cream Pack

Mt. Halla, the Highest Holy Mountain in South Korea

Mt. Halla which rises 1,950m above sea level is the highest mountain in South Korea. Baengnokdam, the crater and lake located at the peak of Mt. Halla, and about 40 oreums, a beautiful sight of steep and fantastic rock cliffs are designated in 1966 and 1970 as Nature Monument and National Park respectively, and in 2002 designated as a bio-reserve area by UNESCO. 

As the peak of Mt. Halla is made of diverse volcanic characteristics, depending on the angle of one’s view, one can feel its uniqueness. To the west of Baengnokdam crater, a steep shape formed by basalt lava of high viscosity is found and to the east, low viscosity basalt lava formed a gentle plateau. The south slope is so beautiful that it is captured in a folktale which states the story of immortals that played in the lake. Mt. Halla is also a mountain where fir tree forest is found which is unique of its kind in the world. 

At 1,400m above sea level an endemic species of cinder cones including pine trees are grown. It also possesses an outstanding biological research value in the study of cinder cones. Besides this at 1,700m, are distributed 39 different kinds of polar species which play very important part in the study of alpine life such as, Jeju weasel, Jeju salamander, women diver snake, etc., are seen in Mt. Halla. Well endowed with natural resources of scientific values, Mt. Halla is a noted mountain worldwide. 




Rubus Whitening Moisturizing Cream Pack

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