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Dailish Whitenning SET

Suweol Moutain, located at the end of Western Jeju, is a recommended place to watch Jeju sunsets. As you climb up on the Suweol Mountain watchtower, the west sea of Jeju appears wide. The island seen in the north is Chagwido. Chagwido floats like a painting and the Jagunae Port lies across from the island, the fantastic black basalt cliffs harmonize to present the scenery like a landscape painting.

From the view up on Suweol Mountain, sunset light melts on Chagwido and the scenery of Jagunae Port gives you an inspiration that seems impossible to find in any other sunset. The red energy from the sky seems to dissolve on the ocean. The gold water waves up and down. As the sun sets, the sky and ocean spurt out different colors. This is also a special scene. It looks like gold but dazzling red color at the same time. It looks like red but also a dark red color. 

Why isn't there a beautiful story behind this beautiful scenery? The sad myth of Suweol and Nokgo flows over the dark red sea. Is Nokgo's tear that mourns over his sister Suweol's death this red? All sky and land are dyed in red tears. Maybe that is why Suweol Mountain is called Nokgomul Mountain. But Suweol Mountain stands along with a steep cliff. If you step little outside the fence placed on the summit, you might fall, so you have to be careful.


Product: Dailish Whitening Set

Dailish whitening moisture emulsion 120ml, Daily essential facial foam 160ml.

Made with jeju clean volcano rock water which made your skin clear and beautiful 








产品: Dailish美白套装








- Company : UNIJEJU

- Address: 405, Smart Building, 213-3, Cheomdan-ro, Jeju-si,

Jeju Special Self-Governing Province. Republic of Korea. (690-140)

- Telephone+82-64-805-9888

- Fax: +82-70-8677-7889

- Homepage : http://www.unijeju.com



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