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Changdeokgung Palace Tour

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2015-05-29 15:01:05




Tour Code : M14-H1-5
Tour Price : 15,000 KRW
Lead Time : 3HOURS
Starting No. : Min.  3pax
Meeting Time : 9:00 AM, 2:00 PM
Course : Changdeokgung Palace-> Unhyeongung Palace-> Insa-dong





⊙ Where is Changdeokgung Palace?

Changdeokgung Palace is a Historic site. No. 122 and was designated as the World Cultural Heritage. (Treasure No. 383), Injeongmun (Treasure No. 225), Daejojeon (Treasure No. 816), Guseonwonjeon (Treasure No. 817), Seonjeongjeon (Treasure No. 814), Huijeongdang (Treasure No. 815), Juniper tree (Natural monument No. 194), Bower Actinidia (Natural monument No. 251) are also designated as the World Cultural Heritage. Donhwamun Gate, which is the main gate of Changdeokgung Palace, is the wooden building with 2 floors and the oldest gate among the big sized palaces.


◈ Visiting Changdeokgung Palace beforehand



▲ Donhwamun Gate



▲ Geumcheongyo






⊙ What kind of place is Unhyeongung Palace?

Unhyeongung Palace is the place where Gojong lived before he became the king, and also the home of Heounseon Daewongun who had supreme power at the time. In Unhyeon Palace, you can feel the beauty of Korea traditional houses and enjoy Korean modern history. At the period of Cheoljong, a folk song widely talked about the Power of king in Unhyeongung Palace, old site of Gansanggam, where Gojong had lived in until he was 12 years old. Also Daewongun enlarged the site of Unhyeongung Palace after Gojong was made king.


◈ Tour of Unhyungung Palace in advance




▲Unhyeongung Palace




Terms & Conditions
• Included : guide service
• Reservation will be completed with a full payment
• Cancellation Policy
Two days before tour : no cancellation fee
A day before the tour : 50%
On tour day. : 100%