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[Sinsa dong Garosu-gil] Ban Jang Dduk Bok Gi episode

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2017-06-21 15:54:06

​Hello Korea.com fans! Last week we visited Sinsa Dong Garosu-gil and had Live video. Have you watched the live video? Have you enjoyed it??


For those who wants to see the place that we've visited last week once more and get information we will be posting pictures and ​specific explanation about our visit.



This is the place that we've visited the very first time when we went to Garosu-Gil. The dining place is name 'BanJang Dduk Bok Gi'. One of my favorite food is Duk bok gi and this is one of the place that I recommend you guys to visit when you come to Korea to eat dduk bok-gi.

The location is at Sinsa station. When you arrive at Sinsa Station and go out of number 8 door and walk straight you'll see It's Skin cosmetic shop and right next to the shop is 'Ban Jang Duuk Bok Gi' dinning place.  



There are six ​kinds of dduk bok-gi menus and last week we've ate number one menu which was the best menu at the dining place.


This is how the menu that we ordered looks like. It was really delicious!!! There were sticky rice cakes, noodles, fish cake, perilla leaf , cabbage and etc inside the dduk bok gi. It wasn't that spicy so if you're a person that don't enjoy eating spicy food you should eat menu number one! It's not that spicy!!


​There were numerous of celebrities that have visited Ban Jang Dduk Bok Gi and this shows that it tastes great and that it's famous among celebrities too!


These are snakcs that are sold at the dining place. You're able to buy 3 snakcs for 1,000won. ​ 

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