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Song Joong-ki makes heart racing “laws” for female fans in “Descendants of the Sun”

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2016-03-25 14:27:03



Song Joong-ki as Yoo Shi-jin in the KBS soap opera “Descendants of the Sun” makes female fans hearts race with his charming dialogue. There are three laws to his heart racing performances.


The first heart racing law is his “love expressions.” 


In these love expressions, he expresses himself frankly and directly like a bullet, but when a viewer hears these “love expressions,” they end up sounding very sweet. 





Yoo Shi-jin said to Mo-yeon “Do not think you will lose as your mind by being attracted to me, because I love you more than you love me.” after he discovered Mo-yeon’s intentions toward him when he broadcasted her recorded voice in the area. 


After that, he also said to her “How about walking with me and holding hands, rather than just walking?”


Moreover, his heart racing lines continued with “You are so beautiful in the morning; also you are so gorgeous in the afternoon.”







When they hitched a ride to back to the camp, Mo-yeon told him what was on her mind and following that he immediately kissed her.


Shi-jin’s second law means having the characteristics of a “real man”. 


When Mo-yeon and Shi-jin were trapped in a minefield, she was really afraid of stepping on a mine. So Shi-jin tried to calm her down with some jokes while walking in front of her, and saying, “Just follow along in my footsteps”. 









His third law is maintaining the attitude of a serious soldier. At the end of episode 9, Mo-yeon was conflicted between her personal values and her duty as a doctor when she has to save the life of a gangster.






Photo: KBS


At the time, Shi-jin said “Save him, it’s your duty as a doctor. If he is killed in another incident, then that is on me.”


Through each episode of “Descendants of the Sun”, Song Joong-ki has caused female fans to develop crushes on him.

With his outstanding acting abilities, we are looking forward to the next episodes of this soap opera. 


Meanwhile, episode 10 of “Descendants of the Sun” will broadcast on March 24, 10:00 p.m. KST!
's Blare Kim contributed to this report from Seoul.  



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