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Jung Yong-hwa cast for the Chinese blockbuster movie, “Emperors Cook Up a Storm”

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2016-03-16 14:12:03


Jung Yong-hwa of CN Blue will star in “Emperors Cook Up a Storm.” He will play the male lead, who is a chef. The film will be directed by Raymond Yip with a budget of 46 billion won from Emperor Motion Pictures in Hong Kong.

The movie will deal with various genres including food, action, humanism and comedy. Also 4D technology will be utilized so that viewers can actually smell the food while they watch the movie.



To improve the quality of the film, the production team plans to spend more than 1.8 billion won on set design, for example, streets dedicated to food stalls and restaurants. Moreover, they will borrow a castle in Prague for the filming location.

The producer of movie, Moon-jun, said CN Blue is very popular all around Asia. After he met Jung Yong-hwa, he realized that he was a fascinating person and great actor. Furthermore, the director, Raymond Yip, announced that he fully expects that Jung Yong-hwa will fulfill his potential as an actor.


​Photo: ELLE China, CeCi

Through “Emperors Cook Up a Storm,” Jung Yong-hwa hopes to make harmony with famous actors and actresses in China such as Nicholas Tse, Ge You, and Tiffany Tang. Look out for a love-line with Bai Bing.


Meanwhile, “Emperors Cook Up a Storm” will start shooting in April.


Korea.com's Blare Kim and Emily Yoo contributed to this report from Seoul.​

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