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LeeMinHo to visit the Philippines for the 5th Time

  • Name : shamcey
  • Date : 2016-03-14 14:38:03

It was announce on March 10, 2016 that Lee Min Ho will be visiting Philippines again this year. Which make his fans excited. Below is the exact Instagram update of Ben Chan, the owner of clothing brand that LeeMinHo endorses. 



 "Love Lee Min Ho (@actorleeminho)? Well, Lee Min Ho is Love. This Korean Superstar is set to make hearts aflutter once more as he's going back to Manila. Stay tuned to @benchtm for updates. Meet him again soon!"


LeeMinHo is the only foreign artist that has the longest contract with Bench since contract with foreign artist usually last for only a year. He is a Bench model since 2012.


Below is the timeline of his visit in the Philipines:

LeeMinHo Benchsetter FunMeet - November 16, 2012
My Everything Tour - July 6, 2013
LeeMinHo Benchsetter FunMeet - March 21, 2014
Kyochon Event - February 24, 2015


Minoz get ready and see him again soon :)


by; Shamcey of Korea.com


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