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Fascinating ‘Song-Song Couple’ with character posters for ‘Descendants of the Sun’

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2016-02-17 15:49:02



‘Song-Song Couple’ is the nickname of couple Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki. They are well-known as being fascinating looking for ‘Descendants of the Sun’ which is an upcoming KBS (Korea Broadcasting Station) soap opera.


On February 17th, 'Descendants of the Sun' unveiled the main character posters. This drama will portray the love stories between a soldier named Yoo Si Jin, and a doctor named Kang Mo Yeon. ​ 




Hye Kyo Song is pure and elegant on the poster. She will play the role of Kang Mo Yeon, who is a fussy surgeon.




Song Joong Ki gave a strong impression. He will play the male lead, the team leader of a special-forces unit named Yoo Si Jin. The caption ‘I will find you.  Wait for me as it will not be that long’ on the above poster makes the audiences wonder about his story. 




In the other poster, Jin Koo caught the eyes of the audience with his tanned skin and wild eyes. He will be in charge of the role of Seo Dae Young.

Photo: 'NEW'production company official Facebook


Actress Kim Ji Won will play the role of an attractive army surgeon named 'Yoong Myung Joo. The first episode of ‘Descendants of the Sun’ will be broadcast on February 24th.

Korea.com's Blare Kim and Emily You contributed to this report from Seoul.​ [E-mail: maintyoung@korea.com]

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