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Sleepless in Cheese in the Trap

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2016-02-17 10:37:02


​Photo: TvN 'Cheese in the Trap' screenshot


Many ‘Cheese in the Trap’ viewers couldn’t fall asleep last night because of the sweet ‘Jeong-Seol couple’. The main characters are Yoo Jeong (Haejin Park) and Hong Seol (Go-eun Kim); so they are called the ‘Jeong-Seol couple’.


The story takes place in college with many characters who weep and laugh.

The hero, Yoo Jeong is performed by rising star, Haejin Park. His character is one of a cool and popular guy in the department of Business Administration although he feels a lot of loneliness.

The heroine is Hong Seol is performed by Go-eun Kim, in her debut in a soap opera. Her character is studying hard and doing part time jobs in order to pay for her tuition.


When they first met, they didn’t feel good vibes from each other, but through a battle of nerves; they drew closer and began a relationship.


The episode 11 dealt with them meeting again after arguments. When Hong Seol’s family was about to persuade her to take a semester off for her brother’s studies, she ran away from home. She was crying and threw herself into Yoo Jeong’s arms when she saw him at the entrance of the village. After that they made peace at once.

However, the last scene of yesterday was fighting again because of Inho (GangJun Seo) who is not Yoo Jeong’s old friend any more.

The next episode is fully expected to show the story taking a new turn.

‘Cheese in the Trap’ is the hottest soap opera in Korea and it’s on every Monday and Tuesday night.'s Blare Kim and Emily You contributed to this report from Seoul.​ [E-mail:]

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