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[Drama Recap] Let's Eat 2 episode 16

Photo Credit: TvN 'Let's Eat 2' 


Seo Hyun Jin(Baek Suzy) decides to break up with Kwon Yul(Lee Sang Woo).


In last night's episode, Suzy told to Sang Woo that she wanted to break up with him. 


Suzy just woke up from dream that she was eating Soondae with Goo Dae Young. She told herself "No, that was a dream, just eating Soondae."


All of Sang Woo's co-workers now know about Suzy and Sang Woo's relationship. They started to spread weird rumors about them. Suzy accidentally heard two girls talking about her, and got mad. Afterward, Sang Woo learned about this and apologized to Suzy, "I am so sorry about this. I thought if I ignored all those rumors, they would disappear. I did not expect that these rumors spread and hurt your feelings. I am truly sorry for hurting your feelings." 


Suzy confessed, "Some of the rumors are true. I intentionally approached you because of your social position and money. I thought if I married you, I could live a better life. I just wanted to be saved from my poor and sloppy life." Sang Woo said "Actually, I really don't care about this. On our first date, I dated you out of curiosity. I think it is same, right?" 


Suzy answered, "I am sorry, but we are done. Let's stop here." Sang Woo held Suzy's hand and said, "Are you doing this because of Dae Young? Don't be sorry. We are not going to break up here." He tried to avoid the reality that Suzy likes Dae Young, and this made audience feel pity on him. Let's see how this unstable love line between Dae Young, Suzy, and Sang Woo plays out.


Korea.com’s Emily You (maintyoung@korea.com) contributed to this report from Seoul.



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