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Cho Jung-Seok and Park Bo Young displays undeniable chemistry in Singapore Press Conference


The leading stars of tvN drama 'Oh My Ghost' - Cho Jung Seok and Park Bo Young - captivated, not just fans, but the media as well whilst they were in Singapore last Friday. They flew down to attend promotional activities in lieu of the show's airing on Starhub's VV Drama channel. 


The pair attended a fully packed media conference and fielded questions regarding ghostly encounters, their on-screen kiss as well as their inner aegyo (act of cuteness).


With the drama surrounding the theme of ghosts and spirits, there was no avoiding the question of personal supernatural encounters. While Park has yet to experience such a chilling moment, Cho shared his hair-raising experience whilst he was preparing for the musical, Grease.


"I was tired and decided to take a nap... when suddenly a cleaning lady appeared." He was told to sleep in the waiting room where it was warmer. Later on, Cho asked around and found out that there were no cleaning ladies working on set, only men were hired. The creepy climax is when Cho discovered that a fire had taken the lives of two cleaning ladies a few years ago. 


On the highly-raved kissing scene in the last episode, Cho Jung-Seok shared that he felt the pressure as it happened to be Park Bo Young's first televised kiss. Park shyly revealed that Cho appeared even more nervous to film the scene as compared to her! Their spontaneity and minimal rehearsals allowed for the scenes to flow naturally, resulting in really few NGs.


To end off the media conference, the duo were asked to show their aegyo by imitating the viral video of a baby who dreamt of a ghost. The hot trend/challenge has caught on many k-pop idols. The lines translate to : "I had a dream. It was a ghost dream. It was scary." 


Park Bo Young shyly declined and pleaded leniency to be let off the hook. Her co-star Cho, on the other hand, took up the challenge and received a rousing applause (and peals of laughter) from those present.


Later that evening, the pair appeared at a Meet & Greet session at West Mall, which was flooded with fans and curious passers-by. Albeit a short promotional trip, the love from fans and gratitude from the stars were evident. The popularity of 'Oh My Ghost' and its' talented cast are indeed not to be messed with! 


Heads up Singapore fans! 

Oh My Ghost! is currently airing on VV Drama (StarHub TV Channel 855) every Sunday at 10pm till 13 Sep. It will then be available via VV Drama On Demand (StarHub TV Channel 857) for one month till 13 Oct.'s Shya contributed to this report from Singapore.

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