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Lee Jong Suk - Drama and Film Comeback

Jong Suk Lee  proves to be an actor in demand, aside from his left and right endorsement of clothing, skin care products, he is now considered as one of the hottest male superstar in Korea. Recently his agency confirmed that he is being offered in casting lead role for KBS drama for "Beautiful Mind," and it is considered by him. And another new upcoming big break is to  return to the big screen, the actor is reportedly considering a role in the upcoming FILM "One Line" (working title).   The movie will center on a large scale insurance fraud crime.

Movie will be directed by The  Yang Kyung Mo  and pre-production is in full swing after securing investors. Agency confirmed that the details are still His working in aspects, and nothing has been finalized yet.   There are also few productions that they are currently reviewing. Everyone shall be notified once it is decided.

Our congratulations to Lee Jong suk for his film comeback.



 Korea.com's gikimtan contributed to this report. 

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