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[Drama recap] ‘Let’s Eat 2′ Episode 12

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2015-05-18 15:38:05


Photo Credit: TvN drama ‘Let’s Eat 2′


Seo Hyun Jin felt the economical difference between Kwon Yul in last night’s episode of TvN’s Mon-Tues drama ‘Let’s Eat 2.’  Seo Hyun Jin is playing a writer name ‘Baek Suzy’ who has low income, and Kwon Yul is playing a role of her boyfriend ‘Lee Sang Woo’ has a high position in the company. Boy idol group Beast’s member Yoon Doo Joon also appeared in the drama as Suzy’s friend ‘Goo Dae Young.’

In the episode 12, Sang Woo noticed that Dae Young has some feelings for Suzy. So, he asked Dae Young, “Do you like Suzy? I saw you attempted to kiss her at the campsight.” Dae Young said “I am not sure about my feelings for Suzy. However, I’ve started to look her as a woman, not a friend.”

After this scene, Dae Young try to create some distance from Suzy. He also lied to Suzy that he got a new girlfriend. Sang Woo also tried to get closer to Suzy, so he set up some luxury dates with her like watching opera, and dining out in roof top restaurants.

When Suzy figured out the price of the ticket was $ 400 per person, and the food at the restaurant was $560, she started to feel the big difference in terms of economic status between her and her boyfriend. Suzy only makes around $1000 per month, and these high cost dates have come to be burden for her. Suzy even checked out Dae Young’s blog postings about some inexpensive street food, and she wanted to eat this type of food even while in the luxurious restaurant.

After the date with Sang Woo, Suzy wanted to go and eat Soondae Soup, which is an inexpensive meal in Korea, but it was kind of late at night and the restaurant was closed. When Suzy powerlessly walked to home, she saw Dae Young eating street food. She took from him. Dae Young asked “Didn’t you have dinner at date? Why are you eating this?” Suzy said “I ate a French meal, and they only provided small amounts of food like appetizers. I think street food is better than that.”  This showed that Sang Woo and Suzy will have more conflicts in further episodes.

Korea.com’s Emily You (maintyoung@korea.com) contributed to this report from Seoul. 

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