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MBC [The Unyielding Ms. Cha]


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MBC [The Unyielding Ms. Cha]

In the last episode, Ji Eun gave Ji Hee a present, prompting Ji Hee to wonder “what day is it today?”


Ji Hee was really embarrassed about working with his ex-girlfriend, Ha Young. However, because of the office situation, he does not have any choice but to work with Ha Young, although he tries his best to keep his distance from her.


Ji Eun does not know that Ji Hee and Ha Young dated in the past.  How is she going to feel if she finds out about the relationship between them?  Ji Eun takes a business trip to China, and before she leaves, she gives Ji Hee a tie.  She even ties the tie for him.  Ji Eun did not want to leave Ji Hee, but he says he will miss her everyday, which deeply touches the hearts of the audience.


MBC [The Unyielding Ms. Cha] is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 7:15 pm on MBC.



Korea.com’s Xiangning Tang(sophiaxn08@korea.com) contributed to this report from Seoul.


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