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MBC [The Unyielding Ms. Cha]


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MBC [The Unyielding Ms. Cha]


In the previous episode, Yunhee, who is a dentist, ends up sleeping at her dental clinic.  Yunhee had quarreled with her mother because she was so selfish and only cared about herself.  That night Yunhee left home, but since she didn’t have any place to go, she ended up spending the night in her clinic.

         The next morning Dean Cha, seeing Yunhee in the clinic looking exhausted, asks what happened to her.  However, Yunhee is too embarrassed to explain that the reason she spent the night at the clinic was because she quarreled with her mom.


Audiences really like Yunhee, and they sometimes leave messages at the official blog of this drama which say things like, “Yunhee is such a strong, beautiful and diligent woman.” 


Korea.com’s Xiangning Tang(sophiaxn08@korea.com) contributed to this report from Seoul. 

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