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MBC [We Got Married-Season 4]


Photo by MBC


MBC [We Got Married-Season 4]

C.N.Blue’s member Lee Jong Hyun, Super Junior’s member M Henry, Kim jewon, who is a former member of Jewelry group, and actor Go seungyan will participate in [We Got Married-Season 4].

Male candidates for [We Got Married] are Lee Jong Hyun, who is a member if C.N.Blue, and Super Junior’s member M Henry, who also participated in MBC program [Real Man]. Female candidates are Jewelry group’s former member Kim jewon, who participated in MBC program [Infinite Challenge], and actor Go seungyan.

[We Got married] will record the dating scene for those couple, and will be broadcasting on March 14th(Saturday) at 5pm through MBC Channel.


Korea.com’s Xiangning Tang(sophiaxn08@korea.com) contributed to this report from Seoul.

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