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The improvisation filmed by actors in [Family Outing] drama produced by SBS brings much fun to audiences.

In the episode broadcasted on January 3rd, the grandmother who brought 20billion as heritage came back after 50 years since she left. All the family members fight for this money. However, in the end, all the family issues have been solved.

Those actors with matured acting skills attract all the audience.

In episode 6 broadcasted on January 18th, the kissing scene between Junghui and Dongsuk has been released. During the shooting, the director coached the two actors how to shoot for kissing scene more naturally. Actor Lee junghyung said: “I always sleep when I have kissing scene and dream about kissing.”

Some crew said the actors always share their idea with director.

[Family Outing] scored as 8.9 and became popular nowadays.’s Xiangning Tang( contributed to this report from Seoul. 

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